We're serious about social responsibilities

MyCSP is serious about its social responsibilities and sets aside resources for the future to support our communities. This is an important part of the ethos of our mutual company.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

What is MyCSP's overall CSR programme about?

In 2012, MyCSP's Board adopted a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach focusing on six pillars which are captured in our CSR policy statement:

"MyCSP’s service is growing to help Civil Service pension scheme members better understand the pensions they have. Its success sends a clear signal that mutuals, where employees have a significant say in how the business is run, can deliver a better, more efficient service for their customers."

We define Corporate Social Responsibility by:

  • how we treat our employees (Pillar 1), our business partners and stakeholders (Pillar 2) and our customers (Pillar 3)
  • how our business activities affect the wider environment (Pillar 4)
  • how our organisation and employees contribute to the communities we live in and wider Society (Pillar 5)
  • how our ethics control the governance of our mutual company (Pillar 6).

Our 1+1+1

The ambition

1+1+1 is at the heart of our efforts to be a good corporate citizen. Our aim is to donate 1% of our profits and 1% of our time to good causes. The final 1% is our aspiration to have 1% of our people training via apprenticeships and internships, providing real training opportunities for our communities.

What we do

Commitment to Charity

MyCSP is committed to supporting charities; each year we have donated 1% of our profit to our corporate charity which our employee partners have voted for.

MyCSP Community Fund

In September 2015, MyCSP launched its own Community Fund, which is open to all employees and their families to apply directly.
Employees can apply for help with:

  • Fundraising for any charity
  • Help to buy equipment to help a family member participate in education or normal family life where funds are not available elsewhere
  • “hardship” grants to help with urgent costs that cannot be met elsewhere
  • Help to pay for outside educational and personal development opportunities (from a course at a college to a volunteering opportunity overseas)

Employee partners can also nominate good causes locally for the award of a grant.

Our aim is social inclusion and helping people to reach and maintain their full potential so we may help a cared for child with university transition or a school with books or equipment.

MyCSP Community Fund Committee

The MyCSP Community Fund is governed by a Committee of six who regularly meet to review and discuss applications, fund donations, and generate ideas as to ways we can drive the Community Fund forward. We are committed to supporting our employee partners, local communities and charities.

Commitment to Volunteering

As well as providing financial support, MyCSP has also donated numerous hours of our employee partners’ time for volunteering with charities and community groups, including the Charity for the Civil Servants, Mission Albania, Shelter, Arthritis Care and Wellington Riding for the Disabled to name but a few. We actively encourage our employee partners to volunteer within their local communities for good causes.

Commitment to Training

MyCSP is committed to the development of bright talented young people, and have an apprenticeship programme in place. The scheme provides apprentices with an all-round skill set by working in a number of teams within MyCSP including the Contact Centre, Pension Administration, IT Systems and Corporate Services including Finance, Human Resources and Marketing.

They also receive training one day a week in business administration by Sysco, as part of the national apprenticeship scheme.


At MyCSP, we strive to be a good corporate citizen and exemplar in our sector. One of our aims is to gain recognised accreditations by the time we complete our business transformation. Our organisation's mutual values go to the heart of our understanding of our responsibility to be a good corporate citizen.