The Partnership Model

Launched in 2012, MyCSP was the Government’s pioneering mutual company, breaking new ground with an innovative business model. We are a unique, mutual joint venture partnership between Employee Partners, who own a 25% material stake in the business, and a Private Sector partner, Paymaster, part of the Equiniti Group.

The Employee Partner’s 25% stake in the Company is held in trust by MyCSP Trustee Company Ltd. The Trust Company has a professional Director, Mark Lund, and two employee Directors, who represent the Employee Partners at board level. As shareholders in the business, Employee Partners appoint a Director to the Board and participate in many key business decisions. MyCSP also has a dedicated Mutual Guardian and an Employee Partnership Council, elected by the Employee Partners.

The Employee Partnership Council represents Employee Partners in all aspects of the business, as well as providing an important support and advisory role for the Trust and management teams. This allows Employee Partners to fulfil a valuable role in decision making through the Council’s representation on the main company Board, seat on the Executive Committee and other company decision making bodies.

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