Asthma sufferer runs 52 miles for Poppy Run

18 Dec 2020

Local Pension administrator, Jonathan Gibson has run 52-miles for Poppy Run, raising £620 for the Royal British Legion, despite being asthmatic and having an Achilles injury.

Jonathan’s mother usually raises money for the Royal British Legion through poppy sales but, due to COVID restrictions, has not been able to make any sales this year.

Jonathan, who works for local pension administrator MyCSP, explains “I decided that it was my turn to make a difference. I picked a minimum of 50 miles as I felt this was achievable yet still challenging. My lung function is well below average due to my asthma and I also find prolonged walking or running difficult due to an old Achilles injury.  However, I can be quite stubborn and determined at times, so I knew I’d achieve my goal.”

David Boardman, director of communications and engagement at MyCSP, commented “This is an amazing achievement for anyone, but is particularly impressive given Jonathan’s history of asthma. We could not be prouder of him. Many congratulations Jonathan.”

Jonathan says he plans to run a half marathon next year and, to keep it interesting, intends to run dressed as a Disney princess.

If you would like to donate to the Royal British Legion or find out more about Poppy Run, you can do so here.

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