Business Continuity Awareness Week 2015

20 Mar 2015

Business Continuity Awareness is critical for protecting organisations.

MyCSP, the public sector pension specialist, welcomes Business Continuity Awareness Week, the annual global educational event for people to learn more about business continuity.

The Business Continuity Institute has chosen exercising and testing as the theme for Business Continuity Awareness Week 2015 between the 16th and 20th March.

The Institute is encouraging organisations to understand the importance of testing their plans and that it is not just a tick box exercise. They suggest organisations highlight to their staff, from the most junior member of the team right up to senior management, that it is important for them to get involved so they know what they’d be doing in the event of an actual disruption.

Nicky Hurst, CEO for MyCSP explained: “We have a number of business continuity processes in place in order to protect the business and test these regularly.”

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