Liverpool-based apprentices get permanent roles at MyCSP

11 Mar 2016

Ahead of National Apprenticeship Week (14-18 March), three local Liverpool apprentices have secured permanent roles at pension administrator MyCSP, following a successful 18 month period on the company’s apprenticeship scheme.

Chloe Smith, Kelsey Hill and Callum Daly were originally enrolled on an 18 month programme back in October 2014, when MyCSP first launched its apprenticeship scheme.
Chloe, aged 19, from Garston, studied at Bellerive FCJ College before joining MyCSP as an apprentice. She will now be working in the Enquiry Centre, as will Kelsey, who is also 19 and from Bellerive FCJ College. Callum, 19, is from Fairfield and attended Cardinal Heenan School. He has joined MyCSP full time as a pensions administrator.

All three apprentices have successfully completed their Level 2 in Business Administration.

Nicky Hurst, chief executive at MyCSP, said: “The aim of the scheme is to provide the apprentices with an all-round skill set by working in a number of teams within different MyCSP departments. They also received training one day a week in business administration by local company, Sysco, as part of the national apprenticeship scheme. We always like to reward colleagues who have worked hard and excelled in their duties. We are delighted to have them on board in permanent roles within the business, at the start of what will hopefully be successful careers.”

Kelsey Hill, said: “Learning is a key principle for all MyCSP staff. I have learnt always to have a ‘bible’ full of notes as there is so much to remember. I have enjoyed every minute of my apprenticeship and I was honoured to go to London last year for the Employee Ownership Association summer dinner.”

Chloe Smith, said: “There’ve been a number of great moments working at MyCSP and I have especially enjoyed visiting our other MyCSP offices in Cheadle, Newcastle and Worthing. It was nice to be given the opportunity to travel to the different offices and see how each site operates.”

Callum Daly, said: “I’ve learnt so much since I arrived at MyCSP and I was awarded Employee of the Month in recognition of my work, which I was really proud about.”

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