Liverpool Tritons first team to represent Liverpool at gay rugby union tournament in Amsterdam

12 Jun 2018

The Mark Kendall Bingham Memorial Tournament is the biennial world championship of LGBTQIA+ and inclusive rugby clubs and takes place in June in Amsterdam.  This summer, local team, Liverpool Tritons will be representing Liverpool for the very first time.

Aiming to present a positive image of gay men in sport, Liverpool Tritons is an inclusive team for men of any sexuality who play rugby union in Liverpool and the surrounding area.

Chris Berwick-Bryce who, with his husband Alex, are members of Liverpool Tritons explains: “Participation rates in sport for gay and bisexual men is low.  We want to raise the visibility of gay and bi-sexual men in rugby, as well as provide an opportunity for men to be active, build new friendships and have a strong support group.”

In June 2018, gay and inclusive rugby clubs from around the world will compete in the 9th Mark Bingham Memorial Tournament and Liverpool Tritons wants to be able to send as many of their players as possible.  Chris Berwick-Bryce continues: “We have several teammates who are extremely committed to the club but are on low incomes.  We would like to support them financially by subsidising their entry fees to the games. In addition, we want to spread the message of inclusivity and tolerance in sport, raise aspirations of local LGBT youth and encourage greater participation in sport among gay and bisexual men.”

The team has already found support from Alex and Chris Berwick-Bryce’s employers, MyCSP, who have donated £600. 

David Boardman, Director of Communications and Engagement, MyCSP “The benefits for players from taking part in this tournament are fantastic.  Equally important is boosting visibility of the LGBT community in sport.  We are immensely supportive of Liverpool Tritons in their fantastic efforts in taking the team to Amsterdam and representing Liverpool for the very first time.”

If you would like to support Liverpool Tritons, find out more or like to get involved, please visit

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