MyCSP finalist for UK Pension Awards

30 May 2019

MyCSP was a finalist at the prestigious UK Pension Awards for its award winning ‘Pension Power’ campaign.

‘Pension Power’  is dedicated to demystifying the world of pensions and helping scheme members to understand their benefits and enabling them to make informed choices. It combines online information and fun, interactive tools with face to face presentations in a tone of voice that creatively and simplistically empowers individuals to engage with their pension benefits.  

David Boardman, Director of Communications and Engagement, said, “It was an honour to be nominated for the awards. Our campaign has had massive cut through in a sector traditionally known for its jargon and complexity.

The campaign has resulted in 20,000 members experiencing the one hour awareness session which has proved to be an extremely effective channel for ensuring members understand the value of their pension benefits.

Additionally, it has attracted more younger members to seminars – an important result as typically it is the younger members that are less engaged with their pension scheme.”

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