Young Stockport man receives £2,500 donation for new wheelchair from MyCSP Community Fund

1 Feb 2016

19 year old, Neil Williams suffers from Friedrich’s Ataxia, a condition that causes progressive damage to the nervous system. After his existing wheelchair had been damaged by an airline following a short holiday, Neil urgently needed £2,500 to purchase a new one.

Local pension services provider MyCSP, came to Mr Williams’ aid and donated £2,500 - enough to fund the purchase of a new wheelchair. This donation was made by the MyCSP Community Fund following a request from Neil’s mum, Lynne Williams, who works at MyCSP’s offices in Park Square, Cheadle.

The MyCSP Community Fund was launched by MyCSP to distribute 1% of its profits to charitable causes selected by its employee partners. The Fund allows employee partners to directly participate in where the money is distributed and can include the likes of direct funding to charities, support with their own charitable work or to provide financial support for their own personal development.

Nicky Hurst, chief executive said, “Neil urgently needed a new wheelchair to get around and be able to work. The MyCSP Community Fund was set up exactly to help causes like his. We’re happy that our donation has helped him get back on track.”

Lynne Williams, employee at MyCSP: “I am really proud to be working for a company where helping others really matters. I am also extremely proud of my son and the way he never lets his condition get in the way of anything. Neil works at a GP surgery on an apprenticeship scheme doing medical administration. As he earns below minimum wage, without this donation, he would not have been able to save up for the wheelchair which allows him to work and carry out any of the everyday things that we take for granted. We’re indebted to MyCSP and all those people who make the community fund happen.”

MyCSP, which is the Government’s first mutual joint venture company, provides pensions services for many of the country’s best known public sector organisations, and employs over 500 staff across the UK.

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