Data and Interface


5 hours



Who's it for?

The Data and interface course is designed for anyone who is likely to give support in maintaining member data and providing the monthly interface to MyCSP.

What's it about?

This very useful course will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to update and provide the monthly member data interface to MyCSP within the required timescales.

What will I learn about?

  • What is data? why is it important? whose responsibility is it?
  • What data is required and why?
  • What do MyCSP need the data for and when do they need it?
  • The format of the interface and data items including mandatory and optional fields
  • What the process is for sending the data
  • Common issues encountered by employers

How will it benefit me?

  • You'll understand the importance of accurate data
  • You'll be clear on the timescales for data provision
  • You'll be able to follow the procedures for submitting data
  • You’ll be familiar with common errors and issues and what to avoid

Please note, if you use a full interface, this course may not be appropriate.

Please contact our training team for further information on future dates and to discuss your preference on location

Really helpful and good background information. I started four months ago and it's a shame I couldn't have joined the course sooner as it would have eliminated the errors I made in the beginning!

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