Webinar - Ill health, Injury Benefits & Death benefits



What’s it about?

In this two hour webinar, you’ll learn about two valuable aspects of the scheme – Ill Health Retirement and Death Benefits – as well as the complex world of Injury Benefits. This course will prepare you for dealing with the sensitive subjects of ill health, injuries and death, whilst adhering to scheme rules and regulations.

What will I learn about?

  • The criteria, enhancements and parties involved with Ill Health Retirement.
  • The criteria, calculations and processes attached to Death Benefits.
  • The criteria and award types involved with Injury Benefits.
  • The specific forms required for each of the above.
  • Worked examples for each of the above.
  • Your responsibilities as an employer in relation to all of the above.

Delegate feedback

“Excellent session, very informative and all aspects explained very clearly”

“The course was very useful. I have learnt a lot today. Trainer was great!”

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Webinar - Ill health, Injury Benefits & Death benefits Webinar 2 hours - 10:00 27 Jan 2022 Book