Webinar - Schemes, retirement & leaving the scheme



What’s it about?

In this two hour webinar, you’ll learn about the various retirement options available to members. We’ll look at age retirement, early retirement, partial retirement and even late retirement. This webinar will give you a thorough understanding of your responsibilities as an employer when a member retires or leaves the scheme.

What will I learn about?

  • The criteria and reductions attached to early retirement
  • The criteria for partial retirement and examples of abatement
  • Worked examples of each type of retirement
  • The step by step processes and forms involved with retirement
  • Examples of the most common errors on retirement forms
  • Contribution refunds
  • Preserved award options including transfers
  • Your responsibilities as an employer in relation to all of the above

Delegate feedback

“Excellent course. I learnt a lot and the presentation was great!”

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Webinar - Schemes, retirement & leaving the scheme Webinar 2 hours - 10:00 22 Feb 2022 Book